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Truly, I don't know what this site is for, or what your horses are like, or if they're even yours. Perhaps this is just a 'site about horses' in general, much like a wikipedia entry, but about ones you specifically like. I do not know.

All the same, a horse website was promised (was it?) and so a horse website is delivered. I hope this serves you well, Dr. B..

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Our Work Flow

With ample collaboration and communication, here we have it: a perfect horse website making process.

Perfectly Designed

Starting with our basic concept of equestrian e-presence, we settled on having this website be about horses.

Carefully Planned

Given the exemplary amount of background information and context, care was taken to portray the content provided in the best, most respectful light.

Sharply Excecuted

After some badgering (admittedly), the horse website was finally underway, and completed within a day.

Our Services

Of course, I still don't know why you want or need this website, and can only go on the most basic premise that it must be about horses.

Horse care or Training?

Is this about providing horse care services to other horse owners? Is this a stable, and as such should advertise the crew and amenities? Are people learning to ride horses here?


Does this place rent the stable for 'rustic' style weddings? Is the primary function of this site to attract would-be wedding planners?

Sale or investment?

Are you selling horses as a breeder? Is this site about horses as an asset or commodity?

Racing, perhaps?

Could this site be about racing? Are you competing, and thus want to entice people to bet on your horses and jockeys by appealing to previous wins?


Featured Horses

None of these are yours, of course, but I figured I should include some horses for good measure.

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Supreme trot


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Supreme trot


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Our satisfied customer says

Wow! He actually built a functional website with zero information beyond a basic premise! Fantastic!

Expert Team

Big boi Dr. Beat

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts. Separated they live in

Dr. Miguel Burnier

Co-Founder / CEO

"Make me a website for my horses!"

Miguel Burnier

Equestrian Evangelist

"Ah! You again! Have you made my website?"

M. Burnier, Ph.D.

Horse Whisperer

"I don't like you. Tadhg is great, but you... hmmm."

Dr. "B" Burnier

Doma Trainer

"Where's my website! I asked you so long ago! Where is it?"


Maybe a Blog

Perhaps, the purpose of this site was just to have a nice little place to blog about horses and all things equestrian.

In the stable

Our Horses

What if I got it wrong, and this is actually meant to be about ponies! Well, I hope you enjoy these inspired racing horse names.